San Jose - San Francisco - Oakland Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2022
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Rock -n- Roll
Battle of the Bands!!!

The Results Are In

It was a great night of music and fun with six bands that are all equally good in their own right. The judges had a tough job ahead of them as each band fit in a slightly different slice of the Rock genre. Here are the results of the judges scoring.

The results of the battle were as follows:

  1. Timmy
  2. AM Project
  3. Dragwater
  4. Nomen
  5. The Feathers
  6. Skye

Thank You to everyone involved in the show and all the fans that came out to cheer their favorite band on. If you didn't make it to the show, below are some photos and descriptions of the night's events.

How the night progressed...

Our lovely mistress of ceremony, Jenny Langer, took to the stage to start the show and keep it moving along. Thank you Jenny. Thanks also to...

Emcee - Jenny Langer.

Jeff Lyons - Stage Manager
Anthony "TJ" Johnson - Sound and Stage
Billy (from the Gaslighter) - For running the sound board and extra hands
Mark Baylon - Extra Security
Greg Paschal - Extra Security
Daniel DeRosa - Extra Security
Doug Hall (from the Gaslighter) - General management, security, and general all around help
Jeanie Paschal - Running the Door
Michelle Bariao - For helping everywhere required
Merl Saunders Jr - For Judging the event
Steve Boatwright - For Judging the event
Mark Fenichel - For Judging the event

Skye. Skye - San Jose
The night kicked off with Skye, an all-girl pop/rock band from San Jose, who played 4 four songs while dancing playfully on the stage. At the end of their set they threw themselves on the stage with their legs kicking in the air. [photos]

AM Project. AM Project - San Jose
Next up was a four-piece rock band from San Jose, AM Project, who got the crowd going. Very good all around this band got the energy meter moving up for the night. [photos]

Timmy. Timmy - San Jose
Third up for the night was four-member rock band from San Jose, Timmy, who picked up where AM Project left off and got the crowd going even more with their classic rock sound. The crowd kept cheering for Timmy to play even more after their set was over. [photos]

The Feathers. The Feathers - San Jose
Up fourth were relative new-comers, The Feathers...another all-girl rock band from San Jose. The Feathers have a good raw rock -n- roll sound whose singer sometimes sounds a little like Deborah Harry at times. [photos]

Nomen. Nomen (aka: Ingsoc) - Santa Clara & San Luis Obispo
The fifth band of the night was Nomen, who are primarily out of Santa Clara. Nomen rocked the stage hard and loud. [photos]

Dragwater. Dragwater - San Luis Obispo & San Jose
The last band of the night, Dragwater, came all the way up from San Luis Obispo for their first Bay Area appearance. Despite the long drive on a Sunday night, this band still had good fan turnout. Dragwater definitely had a good stage precense and light show as well as some really good hard driving rock. [photos]

Audience Raffles...

Here are just a few of the lucky audience members to win prizes in our between set raffles...prizes being awarded by Pacman himself.

Lucky winner accepting their prize. Lucky winner accepting their prize. Lucky winner accepting their prize.


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