San Jose - San Francisco - Oakland Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2022
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San Jose - 2001
(Unfortunately this event is over.)

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Who wouldn't trust a smiling shark? Shark grabbing an unsuspecting Louise. If you hadn't heard, there have been shark sightings throughout San Jose. Be on the lookout and don't be fooled by their smiling faces...

There have yet to be any serious attacks but beware when you're not looking some may try to take a bite out of you!

Below are photos of all the sharks BEATCITY was able to capture. There were about 100 sharks scattered around the downtown area, including the airport and a few neighborhoods. We hope you were able to get out and see them. The shark auction raised more than $250,000 for charity.

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  1. "Breakthrough Technology"
    Breakthrough Technology.
  1. "Sharquita"
  1. "Shark Circuit"
    Shark Circuit.
  1. "Perfed Shark in the Dark"
    No photo yet.
  1. "Hammerhead Shark"
    Hammerhead Shark.
  1. "Sundial Shark"
    Sundial Shark.
  1. "Shark with Balls"
    Shark with Balls.
  1. "Le Requin Agile"
    Le Requin Agile.
  1. "Cabo Wabo Shark"
    Cabo Wabo Shark.
  1. "Tribute to the Grand Canal"
    (Venice, Italy)
    Tribute to the Grand Canal.
  1. "Sharkushi"
  1. "Poseidon's Playground"
    Poseidon's Playground.
  1. "Sea Ya!"
    Sea Ya!.
  1. "deFINitely Downtown"
    deFINitely Downtown.
  1. "Puck! That Hurts"
    No photo yet.
  1. "A 3 Ring Sharkus"
    No photo yet.
  1. "Cyber Ski Bum"
    No photo yet.
  1. "MOO"
    No photo yet.
  1. "School of Neighbors"
    School of Neighbors.
  1. "Metropolis"
  1. "Shark in Sheep's Clothing"
    Shark in Sheep's Clothing.
  1. "The Little Ballerina Shark"
    The Little Ballerina Shark.
  1. "Saludo a Zurich"
    Saludo a Zurich.
  1. "Lex"
  1. "Sharkcracker"
    No photo yet.
  1. "Bamboo Shark"
    Bamboo Shark.
  1. "Shark World"
    Shark World.
  1. "Culture Shark"
    Culture Shark.
  1. "Carmen Sharkana"
    Carmen Sharkana.
  1. "Shark with a Heart"
    No photo yet.
  1. "Hang Your Hat in San Jose"
    Hang Your Hat in San Jose.
  1. "Loan Shark II"
    No photo yet.
  1. "Man Eating Shark"
    No photo yet.
  1. "Seesick"
    No photo yet.
  1. "Tiger Shark"
    No photo yet.
  1. "The Shark vs Cartoon Literalism"
    No photo yet.
  1. "Circle"
    No photo yet.
  1. "Frankenshark"
    No photo yet.
  1. "Under the Sea"
    Under the Sea.
  1. "Swimmers in the Shark"
    Swimmers in the Shark.
  1. "Shark of the Nile"
    Shark of the Nile.
  1. "The Liberator"
    No photo yet.
  1. "Shark & Stripes"
    Shark & Stripes.
  1. "Reflections"
  1. "Glam Shark"
    No photo yet.
  1. "Silicon Valley Shark"
    Silicon Valley Shark.
  1. "Leon-Art-O Da Sharki"
    Leon-Art-O Da Sharki.
  1. "Looking Around"
    No photo yet.
  1. "Feel the Bite"
    No photo yet.
  1. "N.E.W.S. Shark"
    N.E.W.S. Shark.

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