San Jose - San Francisco - Oakland Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2022
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BEATCITY is proud to support the Bandits softball team. The team is comprised of a great group of people from a number of different companies based in San Jose.
This is what BEATCITY is all about... getting out and having some fun!

Look out because the Bandits just may steal home...
and anything else they can get their hands on...
like first place!

Let's Go BANDITS!!

Game Schedule/Results

8/20/01 5 6:40pm vs. EORM Loss 0:1
8/27/01 8 7:50pm vs. The Pounders Loss 0:2
9/10/01 9 10:10pm vs. RioPort Loss 0:3
9/17/01 6 9:00pm vs. WYSIWYG Loss 0:4
9/24/01 10 6:40pm vs. eBay Rain Out 0:4
10/8/01 1 7:50pm vs. Vitrians WIN 1:4
10/15/01 3 9:00pm vs. The Eliminators Loss 1:5
10/22/01 4 9:00pm vs. EORM Loss 1:6
10/29/01 2 10:10pm vs. The Pounders Loss 1:7
11/5/01 7 7:50pm vs. RioPort WIN 2:7
11/12/01 10 6:40pm vs. eBay (makeup game) Rain Out 2:7
11/19/01 10 6:40pm vs. eBay (makeup game) Loss 2:8

Well the softball season has ended for now. The Bandits played with lots of heart until the end of every game. My hat is off to them and especially all the players that never played softball or baseball in their life. I saw lots of improvement in all the players. Despite a losing record I think they are all winners for going out there giving it their all no matter what the score.

For more information about joining a softball league at Twin Creeks Sports Complex in Sunnyvale visit

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