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If you are in need of entertainment for your bar, private party, wedding, or corporate event, you have found the right place to look. Be sure to look over all of our listings.

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  • Too Smooth
    Contact: Jerry Augustine
    Fremont CA
    Tel: 510.713.8025

Looking for a great dance band for your nightclub? Too Smooth is the band you want.

Too Smooth band photo.

Too Smooth has been playing around the Bay Area and beyond for years. Their professionalism and onstage skills and precense has made them one of the most consistent bands around.

Too Smooth regularly plays some of the best venues around for dancing. Cache Creek Casino, Double Tree Hotel (SJ), Pier 23 (SF), and more. Too Smooth is also available for wedding receptions and corporate events.

This band will get your crowd on the dance floor playing their renditions of today's Top 40, Pop, Soul hits as well as R&B classics of yesteryear.

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